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Shoe for Small Feet: Tips On Buying


When it comes to shoe shopping, women with small feet often do not enjoy doing. From my experience, I wear a size 4 shoes and the most difficult part is finding the right fashionable shoes that would fit me. It is a sad truth that there is nearly impossible for me to find any shoes that is smaller than size 5 when I go to the mall. I often think that I was alone in this problem and that I feel frustrated due to this problem.


When I was growing up, I would always envy my friends who have large foot and would often giggle about their new Pretty Small Shoes that would truly fit the occasion. While me on the other hand will have a hard time looking for a pair of shoe that would actually fit me. And because of this, I would shop at the children's department as they will have something that would fit my needs and at the same time pray that no one would recognize that the shoes I brought is from the children's department and not only that, I am also hoping that there will be no glitters and bows so as to pass the age appropriate.


Thanks to the internet, the options for women who have small feet have widened. And apart from that, there are boutiques online that specialize shoes for women who small feet. There are actually a growing sites that have helpful links as well as resources for women like me who wears size four shoe or even smaller. When I got connected to these sites, I realized that there are actually a lot of women who are looking for small sized shoes and who have also gone through the same dilemma that I have. Know more about shoes at http://www.ehow.com/how_5376104_steps-make-shoes.html.


Today, I do not go to the children's department to buy shoes but rather I would shop my shoes online and I often have great experience and success since the shoes are handmade and created for women like me. For anyone who are looking for small sized shoes from www.pretty-small-shoes.com or maybe hesitant to order shoes online, it is best that you first measure your feet before you order a custom sized shoes and I tell you, it is worth your investment as it will surely fit you perfectly. You may also find a lot of places that offers step by step instructions on how to measure your feet and it is quite simple and it will really pay off. I currently ordered several pairs of heels and boots made with my specific measurements and best of all, it is high quality, fashionable and fits perfectly!